5 tips when choosing your (documentary) wedding photographer


STYLE: There are countless photographers out there declaring themselves as documentary or journalistic wedding photographers, however it's not quite as easy to do well as it might first seem. Their website's are often full of controlled & posed images made to 'look' natural, then there's the photographer who shoots 2000 images in the hope of getting some good ones and ending up with just a bunch of 'snaps' and calling it photojournalism.

It's a bit of a cliché I know, but it really is important for me to turn up, simply see & quietly document your special day without disrupting in any way! There are a number of 'buzz-words' flying around at the moment on a lot of photographers website's describing this style of photography; Wedding Photojournalism, Documentary Wedding Photography and Reportage Wedding Photography. In my opinion, they are all basically the same thing, a style of photography that is natural, non-intrusive and most importantly ALL about capturing the decisive moment - nothing more, nothing less!

ATTITUDE: It's really important for me to just turn up, simply see & quietly document your special day without disrupting in any way! 

True documentary wedding photographers will not have you showing the rings to the camera, shaking hands, throwing your top hats in the air, running & linking hands, using fuzzy soft focus filters or tilting the camera so you get sea sick when looking at your wonky photos.

Wedding Photojournalism is about the story, it’s about the people, it’s about the love between the couple but most of all, wedding photojournalism is about the decisive moment - a look, a touch a laugh, a hug or a kiss !!!



COST: Remember "cheap photographers aren't good & good photographers aren't cheap" - this is often the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for! You probably won't choose the cheapest venue, dress, rings, flowers, caterer, etc etc. so don't shop around on price for a photographer. Remember when the day is all over, you will have your memories and your wedding album/photographs.


EXPERIENCE: this one is a bit debatable, because if you are new to wedding photographer you are open to fresh ideas, equipment, style etc. however the new wedding photographer often doesn't have the experience to cope with changing conditions, lighting, venues, registrars, vicars and an ability to 'think' on their feet when things are not going to plan!