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Old Palace Wedding Photography 25th August - Nik & Nich

For me the wedding day of Nik & Nich, started at the Judges Lodgings in Lincoln, where they arrived together and were greeted by their guests. The ceremony was a fun-filled affair, primarily due the the registrar who had all the guests in fits of laughter.

After the ceremony, we all walked to the reception which was held at The Old Palace, which looked amazing as always, in the shadow of Lincoln Cathedral. The speech by Nik was one of the funniest I have heard (I will let him explain) - and their 'first dance' had to be seen!!! Well done guys.

As a documentary wedding photographer, my responsibility to the couple is to record fleeting moments that are so quickly forgotten.

Please enjoy a few images from the wedding of the lovely Nik & Nich...

IMG_7053IMG_7053 IMG_7088IMG_7088 IMG_7104IMG_7104 IMG_7125IMG_7125 IMG_7134IMG_7134 IMG_7151IMG_7151 NN_072_1NN_072_1 NN_094_1NN_094_1 NN_118_1NN_118_1 NN_128_1NN_128_1 NN_156_1NN_156_1 NN_209_1NN_209_1 NN_211_1NN_211_1 NN_221_1NN_221_1 NN_226_1NN_226_1 NN_232_1NN_232_1 NN_261_1NN_261_1 NN_283_1NN_283_1 NN_298_1NN_298_1 NN_338NN_338

If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a 'genuine' wedding photojournalist, one who will document the real story of your day without the fuss - please get in touch I would love to hear your wedding plans.




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