10 Frequently asked questions - Style

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Can you explain your style & approach?
I specialise in 'genuine' documentary & photojournalistic wedding photography. My unique style of wedding photojournalism is an alternative to the traditional 'staged' photography so often associated with weddings.

With careful use of natural light, composition & space, combined with a contemporary documentary style, I capture the true events throughout the day in real time, without you having to spend hours smiling at the camera. I will take an unlimited number of pictures, which will tell the story of your wedding day. 

A large percentage of the pictures I take at a wedding are captured without the subjects even being aware of the camera. Because of this low-key approach, my clients can get on and enjoy their day without having to worrying about the photography.

You set the agenda for your wedding day and I will fit in, working quickly & quietly, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy your day with family & friends.

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