Kelham House - Helen & Sam 25th May 2015

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Helen & Sam wedding - sneak peek

The day started as an overcast bank holiday Monday as I drove to Kelham House in Lincolnshire to spend the day photographing Helen & Sam's wedding. I had never met them beforehand so as I arrived I was on the look out for someone who looked like a groom, luckily Sam spotted me first - I guess the camera gave it away!

As always, my challenge as a documentary wedding photographer, is to capture the real events as they unfold without any intrusion from myself, and today was no different. The service was a lovely intimate affair with just 18 people enjoying the proceedings, then outside to explore the lovely grounds where later on the sunshine appeared for everyone to enjoy.

The reception room looked amazing for the meal & speeches as everyone seemed to enjoy the day immensely. As I left in the evening, the fun of the additional guests arriving continued the party long into the night - please enjoy...

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