10 Most FAQ's - Do you work alone on the day?

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Do you use an assistant photographer on the day?

In the past, I have shot weddings with another photographer - but from my experience being the only professional photographer at the wedding, allows me to quietly remain in the background, minimise any intrusion for you and your guests, but more importantly, allows me to get the images you see on my wedding gallery.

The image below taken at Hodsock Priory, is a perfect example of getting the shot without being noticed, 2 photographers would certainly have changed the dynamics of this image and the interaction of the subjects would probably have not even happened the way it was shot!!!

Many 2 photographer teams are often made up of the professional and an inexperienced trainee or an untrained 'other half' - both of which will result in more images taken/supplied, but the quantity of images does not make a better coverage!

I am the sole photographer in the business and personally shoot all the weddings, for this reason I am only able to undertake around 30 weddings per year, so get in touch now.



If you are planning a wedding and think a 'genuine' documentary wedding photographer is what you want, please call me for a no obligation chat: 07951 655709 - I would love to hear your plans or email me here.

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