Tydd St Mary Wedding - Kathy & Paul 13th June 2015

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Kathy & Paul's wedding - sneak peek

As a documentary wedding photographer, my challenge is to capture the real events as they unfold without any fuss, and as always, I like to start with the bridal prep. In this case the bride started at her parents house, where she, her bridesmaids and her daughter Tilly were calmly getting ready for the day ahead.

Unfortunately, as I drove south through Lincolnshire, the rain seemed to be getting worse but hey, weddings are about the people not the weather. The church in Tydd St. Mary - was the chosen location for the ceremony, a gorgeous village church with a fun vicar performing the ceremony.

The reception was a marquee in the grounds of the Five Bells also in Tydd st Mary, just a stones throw away from the church luckily, as the bride & groom walked the short distance to the marquee even with the rain still coming down. 

As I left in the evening, the celebrations looked to be continuing long into the night - please enjoy...

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If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a 'genuine' wedding photojournalist, one who will document the real story of your day without the fuss - please get in touch I would love to hear your wedding plans.




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