Hodsock Priory Wedding - Victoria & Matthew 20th June 2015

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Victoria & Matt's wedding - sneak peek

As a documentary wedding photographer, my challenge is to capture the real events as they unfold without any fuss, and I usually start with the bridal prep. However, in this case for a change, the day began with the groom, best man and both dad's having a professional 'hot towel shave' with a traditional straight razor at The Gentleman's Retreat in Bawtry.

The guys seemed to enjoy the experience and definitely had the closest shave's ever!!!

Then I was on my way to the fabulous Hodsock Priory where Victoria, her bridesmaids and her close family were all excitedly preparing for the day ahead, while hair & makeup was being done. 

After the service, also held at Hodsock Priory all the families and guests spilled out onto the terrace and had a great time exploring the always stunning grounds.

As I left in the evening, the celebrations looked to be continuing long into the night - please enjoy...

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If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a 'genuine' wedding photojournalist, one who will document the real story of your day without the fuss - please get in touch I would love to hear your wedding plans.




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