One year ago today - 6th September 2014

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Laura & Jonathan - one year ago today wedding.

How time flies, I can't believe it was exactly one year ago today that I had the pleasure to photograph Laura & Jonathan's wedding at Blyth church, with a reception at the fabulous Hodsock Priory.

As a documentary wedding photographer, my responsibility to the couple is to record those fleeting moments that are so quickly forgotten.

Here a few images from that day... 

LJ_021_1LJ_021_1 LJ_045_1LJ_045_1 LJ_040_1LJ_040_1 LJ_051_1LJ_051_1 LJ_067_1LJ_067_1 LJ_070_1LJ_070_1 LJ_076_1LJ_076_1 LJ_085_1LJ_085_1 LJ_090_1LJ_090_1 LJ_108_1LJ_108_1 LJ_143_1LJ_143_1 LJ_147_1LJ_147_1 LJ_158_1LJ_158_1 LJ_189_1LJ_189_1 LJ_257_1LJ_257_1 LJ_282_1LJ_282_1 LJ_374_1LJ_374_1 LJ_379_1LJ_379_1


Happy anniversary guys - Andy x

If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a 'genuine' wedding photojournalist, one who tell the real story of your day in a documentary style without all the fuss, I would love to hear from you, please get in touch !





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