Finding the 'right' Wedding Photographer ...

I would like to help you choose the 'right' photographer for you. If you have already checked out my gallery, and possibly the 'About me' page, you probably have a good idea about my style of wedding photography by now.

You hopefully see that my documentary style of wedding photography is somewhat different to the hundreds of other wedding photographers out there. If you are looking for a 'genuine' wedding photojournalist, one who will simple see and tell the real story of your day, then please continue:

The following images should help you 'feel' what the day was all about !!!

  • Real people, real weddings

  • Natural

  • Fun

  • Emotion


... and the following fills you with dread (me too):

  • Hundreds of fake group shots

  • Being told what to do on YOUR wedding day

  • Being told where to stand and when to 'SMILE'

  • Spending more time with the photographer than your guests

  • 'Wonky' photos (and calling them artistic)?

  • 'Soft focus' photos (from the 1980s)

  • And best of all, photos that tell you absolutely nothing about your wedding day !!!